Exposition stalls

Do you have an outstanding product?

You know that your product, process or service is better than the offers of your competition. The exposition visitor, your potential client, must decide between an enormous number of different product offers at different stalls and only has a small amount of time.

With an original roulette or black jack table at your exposition stall you create an additional communicative starting point. The game is a welcome alternative to the exposition routine and will keep the visitors at your stall for an additional 10 minutes, time which you can use.

If you already know your customers and professional audience, you could invite them to a gaming round at your stall in advance. If you seek to make new contacts, you could offer your business card to visitors against some playing chips, upon request even printed with your company’s logo. To stay in your visitors’ best memory you could, in short time frames, award small prizes and giveaways related to your product, services or processes.

Should there not be enough room for one or more game tables, you can invite your customers to an after-exposition-event with a casino event or a poker tournament. You will see how surprised your guests will be and how long one will speak of this night.

For further information please contact Casino-plus-Events.